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Behind the lens

Hey there! I know you are a busy person! You are probably even a mom with a smartphone or fancy dslr and you are wondering why you should pay someone else to take pictures of your senior when you can do it yourself!?


The reason is: time.  Fine Art Portrait  sessions are time consuming.  You have a job, demands, & responsibilities that lie outside of the expertise of photography. Photography takes years to master: lens choices, camera bodies, off camera lighting options and modifiers, ISO, aperetures, digital editing programs, print labs, and print products!


These are just a few of the obvious pieces of a fine art portrait session. There's also locations, times of day, outfits to plan, and finally what your prints will look like as wall art in your home.  When you are my client, I will take care of guiding you through all these elements of a session.


I've spent years educating myself on what clients need and want so you can spend your time doing other things with your family! When you are my client, you will get the best images that will become classic, timeless and treasured pieces of art for your home.


Capturing your images, the artwork and print fulfillment is my number one job. Hiring a professional & experienced artist is the best way for you to save your time! Contact me here to book your session!


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