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Frequently Asked Questions

What does foto/jenn/inc mean? How is it pronounced?

Good question! My name is Jenn and my photography business is pronounced: photogenic. 


Where are you located?

I live and photograph in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. I am available for travel. Please inquire here with your specific needs for destination sessions. Travel fees may apply.


How do I book a session with foto/jenn/inc?

It's easy! Send me a message on my contact page. We will collaborate our schedules to meet for a pre-consultation.  At the pre-consultation, we will potentially set a time, date and location for your fine art session. 

Why do you require a preconsultation? 

The free pre-consultation is a benefit to both of us.   Since I only book a limited number of sessions per month, I want to make sure that the very best clients get my very best efforts at shooting, editing and ordering their products.  The pre-consultation will help us determine if we are a good fit for one another. 


How long does my session last + what is included?

A typical session runs approximately 1.5  hours for girls and about 45 minutes - 1 hour for boys.  We will meet at a specific location, run through any last minute questions you may have, and let the fun begin! Your session will include both candid shots and artfully posed images. Many, many clients tell me that their sessions are fun and they are so glad that they took the time to schedule it! 


Do you have an indoor studio?

Currently, I am shooting outdoors with a combination of natural light and off camera flashes and strobes.


What happens if it rains on the day of my appointment?

Trust me, it happens.  We will work together to set up another session as soon as possible. Your non refundable deposit will be applied towards the new session date.

Can I order prints from you?

Yes. I have several print and digital packages to choose from.  All prints and products come from the nation's best professional labs. Digital images will be kept for up to one year of your session date. You may  place a reprint order anytime within that year.  If you lose your digital files, you may request copies. There is a $75 archival fee for retrieving your images and putting them on a new USB.


Why am I signing a contract?

A contract helps set proper expectations for both of us and lets you know how your images may be used.  As the photographer, I own all the rights to your images and may choose to use them on websites and social media for promotional use. Minors must have a contract signed by a parent or legal guardian. We will go over the contract in person together line by line so that we all understand the terms and conditions of the session.


How long will it take to get my fine art prints  and products after my session?

Turnaround time for print projects is approximately 10-15 business days after receiving your paid order. No refunds will be given once the order is placed. 


What is your fee and how do I pay it?

All sessions require a non refundable deposit of $250 plus sales tax.  Collections range in price from $550-$2650.  Your non refundable deposit is applied towards your total package. Prices are guaranteed 14 days following the date of the portrait session. Orders put in more than 14 days after the date of the session will be priced from the most recent price list in effect. All prices subject to change at any time with out notice.

What is your policy on sessions with minors? 

All minors must be accompanied by an adult. All males, regardless of age, must be accompanied by an adult. 

Do you ever shoot weddings? 

Yes, I shoot a limited number of weddings. You can view wedding information here.









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