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CHILDREN'S photography

Long gone are the days of dragging your dressed up brood in boring tan pants and matching polo shirts to Sears or JC Penney to stand in front of a bland gray background. Corralling your children in a tight space with electrical cords and lighting kits waiting to be tipped over by your precious 2 year old was a negative and stressful process. The new normal is to relax and have fun with your family! Your session will be a mixture of candid shots and more formally posed shots.  Often times, people tell me that they had a great time at their session and wish they hadn't waited so long to book their portraits.   Happy families and joyful interactions with genuine smiles will result in classic, timeless and treasured pieces of wall art such as canvases and large framed prints that will leave you feeling grateful for the investment you made in your custom photography session.

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